Miscreated Crafting Items

A handful of Player controlled Items I made for Miscreated.
These assets have many uses such as a consumables, crafting component and repairable part.

Carl kent sawblade

Sawblade Used in crafting, current use is for combining with Baseball Bat

Carl kent sawblade bat

Different types of crafted Sawblade Baseball Bat weapon you can create. I handled the Setup of this modification but did not create the Baseball Bat.

Carl kent spark plugs

Spark Plugs used to repair drivable vehicles.

Carl kent tarp

Tarp Item used to create Lean to structure in base building.

Carl kent paint cans 1

Paint Cans will be used for paint modifications in the future

Carl kent paint cans 2

Comes in many different colors including aqua, black, blue, brown, green, gold, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, yellow and white.

Carl kent pumpkin

Pumpkin consumable, used as a food item or craftable for clothing or base item

Carl kent potatos

Different types of Vegetables that act as consumables. Will be used in farming and cooking in the future. These are Potatoes

Carl kent carrots


Carl kent beans

Green Beans

Carl kent peas

Snap Peas

Carl kent tomatoes


Carl kent radishes

Radishes & Beets

Carl kent alcohol bottles

Different types of mini Alcohol Bottles. These act as both a consumable and a crafting Item with soda's.