Miscreated Airfield Structures/Assets

These assets and structures were created to help fill out the area around the airfield and military checkpoints of Miscreated.

Carl kent screenshot0003

The Military Barracks is used on the airfield/ military bases around the map and has 4 different exterior and interior layouts.

Carl kent screenshot0001
Carl kent screenshot0022

Interiors of Military Barracks. I created models and setup textures for the building itself. Assets filling the rooms are from various artists.

Carl kent screenshot0000
Carl kent screenshot0005

Sandbags, multiple different sandbag setups/ stack heights. Used in many different military checkpoints throughout the world and around the airfield.

Carl kent screenshot0004
Carl kent screenshot0017
Carl kent screenshot0010

Airfield landing lights.

Carl kent screenshot0008
Carl kent screenshot0006
Carl kent screenshot0012

Runway Signs, used to direct planes.

Carl kent screenshot0014
Carl kent screenshot0012 1
Carl kent screenshot0013