Miscreated City Assets

These assets were created to help fill out the areas in the city and main towns of Miscreated.

Carl kent 3

The Large Generator is used to power up lights and elevators within the game.

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Carl kent 2
Carl kent screenshot0004

Two different types of Air Con units that attach to the side of buildings.

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These Vent Wall Coverings will be used on the side of buildings, in tunnels and sewers.

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Nitrogen Tanks are used to help fill out industrial areas.

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Carl kent screenshot0017

These Bollard Barricades stop vehicles from accessing areas they should not.

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Carl kent screenshot0018

Solar Panels used on the top of buildings and houses

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Carl kent screenshot0000

Large Billboards located around the outside of the city and along major highways

Carl kent screenshot0020

multiple different types of Outside Wall Lights to help fill out large buildings