Miscreated Combat Items

A Selection of different Weapons & attachments used in Miscreated.
These assets are used primarily for PvP combat and can be found in the world or crafted from components.

Carl kent flashbang

M84 Flashbang Grenade

Carl kent concussion

Concussion Grenade

Carl kent recurve sight 1

Recurve Bow Reflex Sight.

Carl kent recurve sight 2
Carl kent recurve sight 3
Carl kent laser sight 1

Laser & Flashlight Sight Attachment for Picatinny Rail

Carl kent laser sight 2
Carl kent maglite attachment

Maglite Attachment Bracket. Comes with Picatinny Rail & Barrel attachment

Carl kent maglite attachment 2
Carl kent adrenaline syringe

Adrenaline Syringe, used to revive unconscious players instantly

Carl kent molotov

Molotov cocktail

Carl kent handcuff 1

Handcuffs are used to tie up enemies stopping them from performing any actions.

Carl kent handcuff 2
Carl kent landmine 1

M14 landmine to send your enemies flying

Carl kent landmine 2
Carl kent bear trap

Bear Trap