Miscreated City Structures/ Sewer Assets

These structures and assets were created for the main city and sewer systems of Miscreated.

Carl kent screenshot0011 1

The Highway bridge allows for travel over rivers and acts as a highway Overpass.

Carl kent screenshot0011 2
Carl kent screenshot0011 3
Carl kent screenshot0011

Scaffolding for hanging signs, checkpoints within the city and on bridges.

Carl kent screenshot0012
Carl kent screenshot0001
Carl kent screenshot0007
Carl kent screenshot0008
Carl kent screenshot0000
Carl kent screenshot0000 1
Carl kent screenshot0012

Different types of Warning Tape. Used to make the world feel more post apocalyptic and add character to the world.

Carl kent screenshot0015
Carl kent screenshot0006
Carl kent screenshot0018
Carl kent screenshot0019
Carl kent screenshot0023

Newspaper Stand.

Carl kent screenshot0024
Carl kent screenshot0024 4
Carl kent screenshot0025

These Manhole Covers help make the city feel more realistic and immersive. All 10 decals are on 1 texture sheet.

Carl kent screenshot0026
Carl kent screenshot0002 2

Traffic Lights.

Carl kent screenshot0002
Carl kent screenshot0003 1