Miscreated Various Assets 2018

Various assets created During 2018 that I bundled together.
Includes Bee Hives, Honeycomb, Apple Trees, Propane Tanks, Heaters & Clams.

Carl kent propane 6

Propane Tanks can be collected and turned into basebuilding items or used as an explosive device.

Carl kent propane 2
Carl kent propane 3
Carl kent propane 1
Carl kent propane 5
Carl kent apple 3

Apples are food items that are found on Apple Trees

Carl kent bee hive 2

Honeycomb can be found scattered through out the world, collected and eaten.

Carl kent apple 2

Apple Trees can be found through out the world, I was responsible for setting up the existing tree with the apples I created.

Carl kent apple 1
Carl kent clams 1

Clams are food items that can be found on the Shores and Beaches.

Carl kent clams 3
Carl kent bee hive 0

Man made Bee Hives can contain Honeycomb that can be looted and eaten

Carl kent bee hive 1
Carl kent bee hive 4
Carl kent bee hive 3